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Summertime is Grilling Time

The Selection of What Types of Grills to use is Huge
The Selection of What Types of Grills to use is Huge
by Vance Eaglin

Good Day Readers! I hope all your days Great and Happy and all your Hours as fun as an outdoor Bar B Que. Yes it's that grilling time of year and as you know, time to stock up on plenty of meats, veggies for grilling, charcoal and or propane whatever the case may be and get the Grilling started. Make sure your aprons, your spatulas and tongs are all on hand and ready to go because it is time to get your Grilling on or get someone Grilling that you know. Without question, summertime is definitely the best time of year to do some outdoor and backyard Grilling. Mother's day usually kicks off the season of Grilling outdoors as it is customary to get the family together and do some Grilling as a part of the celebration of the day. Father's Day is another popular day in the summer to get outdoors with family and friends Grill it up. Weddings are popular in summer and caterers are busy Grilling up a storm of food for the larger gatherings where outdoor venues are staged and other events all during the summer months as well. The type of people who grill, it seems, are anything but typical. You never know who has a passion for the apron, spatula and tongs and loves to get at the grill and create. Whether or not that particular person or persons who love to get out there and throw down can actually cook worth a hoot owl's big toe is another matter altogether. But fun is fun and it is fun to do some Grilling outside in summer.

by Vance Eaglin

The definition of Grilling is a form of cooking that involves dry heat applied to the surface of food, commonly from above or below. Grilling is termed for radiant dry heat that is applied to foods either from below or above. Primarily what is used to cook the foods of choice is an open wire grid such as a gridiron with a heat source above or below. A less common method of Grilling involves using a grill pan which is similar to a frying pan but the difference is that the grill pan has raised ridges to mimic the wires of an open grill. Many, many people make the mistake of referring to a griddle as a grill which is absolutely not the case. The griddle is a flat plate heated from below. When grilling is done on grates and heated from above, often this type of grilling is called 'broiling.'

There are a variety of different types of grills which are - Charcoal Grill - (This is the classic outdoor grill and barbecue! The trusty old charcoal grill is square or round and made of metal and stands on legs. It is versatile and if you know what you are doing, the potential to cook award winning food is there).

The Gas Grill - (A gas grill, usually fueled by a propane tank, is fast, clean and easy.)

The Natural Gas Grill - (These outdoor grills plug right into your natural gas line so that propane is never necessary.)

The Fire pit grill -( Don't forget fire pits! Make a hole in the ground, throw in some kindling, cover it with grates or a hand held rotisserie and there you have it. It is easier to slowly smoke foods at low heat using aromatic smoking woods for intense flavor and tender meat.)

The Terra Cotta or Ceramic Grill - You see a lot of ceramic terra cotta grills in other countries.

The Electric Grill - If you are tired of the hassle of charcoal, wood or propane tanks, one alternative for an outdoor grill is an electric model. Plug it in and hit the on switch.)

The Barbecue Rotisserie - (A barbecue with a rotisserie built in can greatly expand your grill cooking repertoire.)

The Portable Grill - (Your big outdoor grill at home may not be that easy to transport so the portable smaller grill means great Grilling on the go.)

Health Benefits of Grilled meats is that they have a reduced fat content. Fried food absorb a lot of grease. The number of grilling contests Nationwide are too numerous to try and mention them all in one breath or one page but if you think you 'got it like that' and are good at what you do, it is easy enough to find a contest or expo almost anywhere. Summertime is Grilling time so get on out there and Have fun in the sun grilling up a storm!

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