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Summertime Homeschool Activities

Hiking in Colorado
Hiking in Colorado

Depending on each homeschooling family’s schedule summertime tends to be relaxed and filled with lots of hands on learning. I am a firm believer in letting kids recharge in the summer. Visiting art galleries, museums, taking hikes in the mountains or camping near the Sand Dunes National Park can count as school. All these activities create lasting bonds.  As your hiking through Rocky Mountain National Park, or designing your own chalk and creating masterpieces on the driveway. Simply lying on the grass with your little ones deciphering the clouds are the moments that plant seeds in their hearts of what family is.

Homeschooling isn’t just memorizing facts- but should be a lifestyle of learning and exploring. Fostering an appetite of curiosity can be challenging when we compete against video games, over structured schedules, and boredom. But the dividends pay very well, sometimes we might have to wait years to see them.

Here are some links you might find helpful for the summer:


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Understanding the clouds

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Jefferson County

Adams County

Weld County

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Historical sites in Colorado

I hope these links help .

Have a wonderful summer!


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