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Summerize Your Social Network Marketing


It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many businesses let a huge holiday such as the Fourth of July pass without a marketing promotion. From car dealers to street vendors, all things patriotic and summer-themed are fair game.

Social media is the perfect place to launch a "summerized" promotion. It’s a simple medium, changes quickly and offers you a fast way to get your products and services in front of prospects.

For example, you might try asking simple questions via your Facebook page and see how much activity you attract. Queries such as, “What’s your favorite July 4th tradition?” or “What’s your favorite cookout dish?” and see what happens. Be sure to attach a complementary photo to attract more attention to your post.

Contests are also great attention-getters. You might offer the first person who can tell you where fireworks originated, or who wrote the Star Spangled Banner a prize or discount. Then you have more opportunities to promote the winner. If you have a weekly contest that you post at a regular time, you'll have guaranteed traffic!

You might consider posting a summer-themed quote or activity idea every day during the summer months just to keep yourself in front of prospects.

Everyone loves summer and it goes by so fast, especially in the Boston area! Now’s the time to capitalize on capturing attention based on this interest.

Build a campaign around summer sports. Anything to do with beaching, biking or boating will give you some traction. Reach out to summer visitors with vacation-themed promotions, coupons and special deals. Remember that your pool of prospects grows with the summer population.

Build up your YouTube presence with simple, fun videos that promote your product or service. Once uploaded, link them to your Facebook and Twitter posts and get traffic moving on all your social media fronts.

Make sure you are dedicated to monitoring your social media accounts closely. Pay attention to all responses and comment on them. Post interesting summer-themed facts, songs or videos. When you post interesting content, people will watch, listen, read, share with others and look forward to your next post. And don’t forget that just because a particular post of yours doesn’t elicit a response, the vast majority of those who pay attention to your postings are still observing.

Keep the summer alive and well during the next three months and you’ll be amazed at the response you will get.

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