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Summer Wedding Dress Ideas

We all appreciate the clear blue skies and casual feel of summer weddings. However, dealing with the heat, breeze and, in some cases, humidity that accompany them, not so much. Here are a few ideas to look flawless and have some fun under the sun this season.

Summer Wedding Looks Ideas
Summer wedding dress ideas

Go Short:

Yes, short dresses are more comfortable, manageable and chic for summer weddings. Picture yourself on the shore (if your friend has the wonderful idea of a beach wedding) trying to control a long dress while the uninvited ocean breeze joins the stage. Opt for a short dress that is elegant and fits the dress code of the event.

Texture & Weight:

Pick a dress with a thicker texture that will add some weight and stay put all day/night long. Do not select a heavy fabric dress. You don’t want to cook in it. The idea is to avoid wrinkles, Marilyn Monroe moments and provide camouflage to problem areas.

Cool Fabrics:

Depending on the etiquette of the event, you may be able to use different kinds of fabrics. For elegant settings consider silk or chiffon. For casual weddings, try crepe, cotton, jersey or chambray.

Hair Updos:

Go all the way up. Take a simple pony tail, bun or braid to the next level with the proper products and accessories. Be safe with anti-frizz, anti-humidity and long-lasting products that will maintain your hairdo through the whole event. Check several online videos to learn how to achieve the perfect look or visit your local hair salon for a simple updo.

Light & Long-Lasting Makeup:

Wear a natural look with a great lipstick. This does not translate into “no makeup.” As you know, an au naturel look takes a lot of work, but it looks effortless and beautiful. Make sure you are wearing SPF protection and your favorite toner, under the moisturizer, to control oil production.

Vibrant Color:

This applies to both dresses and accessories. It is summer, so forget about black, brown, navy blue or other dark hues. Experiment with vibrant colors or a fresh neutral like gold. Please, stay away from white, cream and beige because it is the bride’s day. She is the only one allowed to wear white or whatever she wants. If you don’t want to buy a new dress, you can still use your favorite LBD (little black dress). However, lighten it up with gold, silver or color accessories.

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