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Summer Vacation for Special Needs Children: Morgan's Wonderland

Morgan's Wonderland was born from one father's pain.
Morgan's Wonderland was born from one father's pain.
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Parents with special needs children are often just as eager to get away during the summertime as those without special needs children. One amusement park in Texas give people all over the country the chance to do that without having to leave part of their family at home or make the vacation stressful.

Seeing your special needs child unable to play and interact with other children his or her own age and unable to do the same activities can be heartbreaking for a loving parent. One father in San Antonio, Texas witnessed that and decided to do something about it. He not only wanted to do it for his own child, but also for other parents’ children.

Morgan’s Wonderland, just across town from Sea World and one-tenth the more popular park’s size, was built to bring amusement park enjoyment to families with children who have special needs. The rides , such as the carousel and the sight-seeing train, are specially adapted for those who use wheelchairs or need extra support during the rides. The play structures even have activities in Braille.

One really great feature that Morgan’s Wonderland has is the electronic bracelets given to guests. These bracelets not only keep track of where everyone is in the park, but also allows the park to email you photos from some of the rides.

While those with special needs are allowed into the park for free, friends and family members who accompany them are charged only $10 each for admission. Those who wish to visit the park are encouraged to make reservations as the park keeps a limit on guests for the comfort and safety of all who are visiting. That being said, the owner has made sure to tell management that someone who has traveled all the way from Chicago (or another far-away place) to visit should not be turned away.

Want to learn more? Visit a more in-depth article about the park HERE or their website HERE.


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