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Summer trends 2014: team jerseys

A true sports fan will always support his team no matter where he is going, even while wearing a tuxedo with team logo cufflinks! However, in Naperville, people don't really wear team jerseys when they are out and about that often. Sure you might see a team jersey on people running errands or at an outdoor gathering. Lately walking around places in Naperville, I've noticed there have been more and more people who are wearing sports gear. What once was limited to children and true die hard sports fans has gone mainstream. Men and women alike are getting into the trend. All over the place people are sporting jerseys with their favorite teams on them. Most interesting is the influx of people wearing soccer jerseys. Apparently it all has to do with the World Cup. Everywhere there seems to be at least one person wearing these jerseys, and it's not limited to just Hispanic people either. People of all races are showing support for their favorite teams. In past years, I don't remember so many people donning soccer jerseys.

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Photo by Gabe Ginsberg

In recent weeks stores have also been featuring their own lookalike soccer jersey shirts. Usually with a logo on the chest and numbers on the sleeve and back. It's interesting an interesting trend because here in the United States, soccer isn't a sport that is followed by most people.

All in all it's a good trend. It's great to show support for your favorite team. Although I hope this resurgence in wearing athletic jerseys sparks some people to hit the gym too. Some of the people I've seen could use it if they want to look like they play a sport rather then just watching it on television.

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