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Summer travels: Five places in Pennsylvania that are haunted

Summer is the time to travel and if you're an enthusiast in amateur ghost hunting well read this article about some places around Pennsylvania that are reportedly haunted. Here are the places:

In Wilkes Barre is said to be haunted by numerous people that were connected by suicide. There is also said to be an demonic entity that hangs around the house. It's said that people call it Pennsylvania's own "Amityville Horror." From what it sounds like, it sounds like it's not a place for the lighthearted.

Gettysburg is one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania. It's not hard to believe why it's such a haunted place since the tragedy of the Civil War. Many people have photographed strange orbs and even shadows of people. It's a popular place for ghost hunters and history buffs.

At the Bishop White House on the first floor there is reported sightings of an elderly woman, it's said that she was the housekeeper. On the third floor there is a ghostly cat and a thin man that haunts the floor. So it's safe to say maybe the second floor isn't that bad?

This American Landmark has it's own ghosts that haunt it. Visitors have claimed to have seen Benjamin Franklin, and even of the traitor, Benedict Arnold has been seen at the Hall. He maybe haunts there because his spirit can't be at ease because guilt? So when you're traveling to Independence Hall you may see some figures from American history.

The Powell House is another place that has some famous ghosts that are living there. Some of these restless spirits are none other than Marquis de Lafayette, interestingly enough Benedict Arnold is also said to be haunting this place, as is his wife Peggy. It's also said that some people have seen Revolutionary Soldiers roaming the halls at Powell House.

So those are five places that are supposedly haunted, this Wiki List, "Haunted Places in Pennsylvanian" is a great list to look at more places that are haunted, it's also a list that helped this article find some great places to write about! Happy traveling!

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