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Summer travel: Six haunted places in Maine and Massachusetts

The article is looking at six places that come from both Maine and Massachusetts. So sit back and read about some of these historical places that have a ghostly past. Starting with Maine:

1. York Village Historical Museum

This historical museum is said to have a ghost of a 17th century woman, who was hung because of practicing witchcraft. So if you visit this museum be on the lookout for this ghostly woman.

2. Captain Fairfield's Inn

In Kennebunport at the Inn, Capt. John Fairfield haunts the place. He was a prisoner of war during the War of 1812. After he was released, him and his wife decided to settle down. Sadly, after five years from building his home, he died from pneumonia, so it's no wonder that he still haunts the place.

3. West Side Lake

Located in Skowhegan, the cabins are reportedly haunted. People have seen things move around, and have heard creepy noises coming from the cabins.

Now to Massachusetts:

1. "The Witch House"

Called the "Witch House," which it's fitting because its believed to be haunted by the spirits of those who died during the Salem Witch Trials. It's also called Jonathan Corwin House.

2. Joshua Ward House

Another location in Salem, the Joshua Ward House, is said to be haunted by a Sheriff George Corwin, and Giles Corey. Giles Corey was a victim of the Salem Witch Trials.

3. Longfellow's Wayside Inn

Longfellow's Wayside Inn was featured in "Ghost Adventures," which it's located in Sudbury. It's said to be haunted by the spirit of Jerusha House. She is said to wait for her lover that never came back from his sea voyage.

So those are six places, three each from both Massachusetts and Maine. They are reportedly haunted by "witches," lost loves, and a captain.

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