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Summer sunshine is just around the corner

As we head from spring into summer, maybe we need a quick reminder that sunscreen is our skin's best friend. Yes, you really should have been using it through the winter since those rays can penetrate the clouds, however with outdoor sunny activity in the near future, make sure you have stocked up!

There is actually some proof to the fact that inexpensive sunscreens work better than expensive ones. Sounds odd, hmm? But think about it this way - if you have spent $50 on a three ounce tube, you will more than likely use it more cautiously. However, if you have only spent $8 on a 5 ounce tube, you are much more likely to use the appropriate amounts so that you get adequate protection! Generally speaking, one ounce (enough to fill the average shot glass) is what is recommended to cover the body.

Don't forget to take along your SPF lipbalm and to re-apply that sunscreen every two hours, or after sweating heavily, or after swimming.

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