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Summer staycation outfits

Summer staycation outfits
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Would you like to stay in the Chicagoland area for a summer "staycation"? Two of our models are going to do both, go on a staycation and go on a vacation this year. Ready for a road trip type of vacation? You're going to have to decide what to pack. Unless you have a huge car or SUV, you're going to have to limit yourself quite a bit, regarding what you're going to take. That might not be easy if you chose your residence according to what kind of closet space is available. How might you solve that kind of problem?

You won't have the kinds of problems that a friend from Miami or Los Angeles might have unless they have a huge winter wardrobe that they acquired while they were deciding what to take to ski and skate last winter on their trip to a snowy place. If you've decided to take huge suitcases of summer clothes, how are you going to travel if you've got a beloved dog such as two of our models' dog, Zoe, who is spoiled with attention and activities, coming with you? Coming from Chicago, using some very wrinkle free shirts, pants, shorts and blouses might do the trick if you do a good job packing them. You might try rolling your clothing when putting them in your suitcases. That could work and resolve your packing dilemma, as long as your suitcases aren't that big. Staying casual with a couple of dressy shirts and a blouse or two with a couple of pairs of nice slacks, you would be dressy enough to go out to a more formal restaurant while casual enough (and comfortable enough) for you to go all day in the same outfit with a sweater or two for when it's a little cooler when the sun goes down. With a couple of nightshirts or beach cover up tee shirts you could round out your wardrobe if you don't take too much for your favorite traveling companion, you're Zoe type of dog. That seems to be the trend, if you're like two of our models.

Now that you know what to bring (or use on a "staycation"), will you have enough room for snacks in your cooler? Do you have a rack on your car for carrying extras that won't fit in your trunk? With that all taken care of, if it's a long road trip you're taking, away from Chicago, you'll be ready for your adventure traveling. That is, if you don't take too much time to shop for every extra you can think of to get ready before you go. Bon voyage! Have fun on your road trip!!