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Summer solstice: Summer is officially here!

Summer solstice: Summer is officially here!
Summer solstice: Summer is officially here!
Sandra Perez

While we have been having fun in the sun for the last couple of weeks declaring summer vacation, it’s actually still spring. It won’t be until Saturday, June 21, that summer will officially arrive as summer solstice.

Besides marking the start of a new season, daylight will be hanging around a little longer than any other day on summer solstice. Why? Well, ‘solstice’ comes from the Latin word ‘sol’ (sun) and ‘sistere’ (to stand still.) If you care to learn more of the scientific details, visit Time and Date.

Don’t have any plans just yet to make a memorable summer? It’s not too late, below are a few ideas.

The summer heat is almost unbearable here in Texas, but if the weather is pleasant where you live, go on several picnics. This is also a budget-friendly idea. If you have a bigger budget, go on a trip or vacation. Visit a new place and have an adventure.

Low on cash? You can visit a local spot. Here in Texas we have Six Flags (a summer pass grants us entry throughout the season), Hawaiian Falls, Schlitterbahn, and Hurricane Harbor. Water parks are a lot of fun, check out swimming pool locations near you.

Need some extra money? Get a summer job. Many locations are willing to work something out with students so it won’t interfere with their studies. For some extra cash, you can host a yard sale at the end of the summer with items you will no longer need. Throughout the summer, you can also collect bottles and other plastics and recycle them for cash at the end of your vacation.

Lastly, set a goal and challenge yourself. Mark a deadline and plan to achieve something this summer, or pick up a new hobby.

Also, make sure to check back for all of the odd holidays summer has in store this year!