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Summer Solstice ritual with Tejas Web

A young Oak tree rooted from Treaty Oak (photo by Jennifer Clark)
A young Oak tree rooted from Treaty Oak (photo by Jennifer Clark)

Summer Solstice is just around the corner.  Do you know what you are doing to celebrate this Sabbat?

One option is to participate in the ritual Tejas Web is hosting on June 19, 2010 at 7pm.  Participants will meet at the south end of Barton Springs Pool.  Once inside the fenced area, go to the shallow end of the pool under the giant pecan tree.

Admission to the ritual is free.  Parking at Zilker Park and admission to Barton Springs Pool, however, are not.  Parking is $3 for each car.  The pool is $3 for each adult, $2 for youth from 12 to 17 years old, and $1 for children younger than that.

"Join with Tejas Web, a wiccan community in the Reclaiming tradition, to celebrate the Fullness of Mid-Summer and the sending of healing energy to the Gulf. Previous magical experience is not required. We will raise and release healing energy into the Gulf via Barton Springs. Be prepared to enter the knee-deep waters or to sit at the water's edge in contact with the water."  (from the Tejas Web News and Updates blog)

Because the ritual involves raising healing energy for our own Gulf, everyone -- young and old -- is encouraged to create get-well cards for the Ocean in advance.  These hand-made items and other offerings for the altar are welcome.

A few more things to keep in mind...

Remember to bring towels, as well as shoes and clothes that can get wet.  Leave the food and the glass items outside the pool; those items are prohibited inside Barton Creek Pool.

The Summer Solstice event shares the weekend with Father's Day.  As a result, parking may be limited.  Consider carpooling, public transportation, or cycling to the event.

Parking costs money.  Admission to the pool costs money.  The ritual is free -- although Love Offerings will be graciously accepted.

Parental discretion is required as there may be partial nudity.  If you decide to bring children, parental supervision is required.

All Tejas Web events are drug and alcohol free.

For more information about Tejas Web, visit their website.



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