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Summer Solstice Goddess Broom making workshop today

Bright Summer Blessings.

Today join the Moon Ministry at 24 Avalon Street in Highland Park for their Summer Solstice Goddess Broom Making Workshop. This being Litha, it is a fine time to harness the solar rays and good will as the Wheel turns and spend that time turning raw materials into a charged spiritual tool with your own hands. It is also a great time to enjoy fellowship.

The event takes place from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. As with most events, refreshments will be provided for attendees, but they are welcoming to those who wish to add to the communal meal. Making ritual tools is hungry work, and an informal Red Meal is always a treat. Mindfulness in all things. Eating is a spiritual act, and on the holidays, it is more so.

The Broom is perhaps one of the most recognizable and the most misunderstood of the tools. Sometimes called the Besom, it is used in many ways in many traditions. Some use it to sweep the circle, usually by a Handmaiden in a more formalized tradition. Others use it as a standard cleansing tool. Still others have used it as a warding device. And perhaps more obscurely, it has also been used in alchemy of the mind exercises.

Goddess Shu states that "The cost for the workshop is only $20 and includes decorative supplies and a broom!" Participants are encouraged to bring personal items that they may wish to include in their working. You may also wish to bring a friend along as well. Please R.S.V.P. to make sure that they know you are coming by visiting their event page.

You may remember this group from their Ancestor Chime and Altar Tree last fall You can find the article here.

Enjoy the rays of Litha with this wonderful gathering of beautiful souls.

Blessed Be.

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