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Summer Solstice Feng Shui Practices

Tide Pools
Tide Pools
Catherine Al-Meten

Feng Shui: Celebrating the Light at Summer Solstice

Welcome the return of Summer at the Summer Solstice. As the Sun sits at the northernmost point in the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere, the North has its longest day before we begin our second half of our journey around the Sun this year. The energy shifts and the light raise our energy levels as it does the tides of the waters. Feng Shui helps us focus our attention on the way we use our energy and how we open energy to flow more freely through our homes, spaces, and lives.

To welcome Summer and celebrate the Summer Solstice, consider using the elements of fire, earth, air, water, and metal to cleanse, invigorate, and plant new seeds for a more healthy, productive life.

The Summer Solstice focuses our attention on the Yang or fire energy. The Sun, the source of light, heat, and life itself, is at its closest point to the Northern half of the Earth. We are reminded that during winter, we have little light or heat, and now we have an abundance. Time to plant some seeds to promote life and the regeneration of energy. Today is a good day to do a number of the following tasks to promote positive Feng Shui:

Plant seeds or starters. For Fire energy, plant seeds or plants that will produce red flowers or fruit. Red promotes enthusiasm, and more life. For Metal energy, plant seeds and plants that produce white flowers or fruit. White flowers and fruits represent organization, cleansing, and increase. To promote Wood energy, plant a tree to symbolize new beginnings, growth, and nourishment. To promote Earth energy, use clay pots and wooden planters. This symbolizes stability, growth, and flexibility. Water features in your garden or located in your home, also increase the flow of energy, and represent the flow of energy and the spiritual essenece of life.

Air the House Out. Open the doors and windows, and air your house out. I wash windows, shades, curtains, and window sills for summer. I like to put up light-colored (white cotton panels) or sheers in summer to let more light in. Clear out and clean out closets so as to leave space for new energy to enter. Preferably, do the clearing and cleaning before the Summer Solstice (or any other major turning point or holiday).

Practice Gratitude. Show your thankfulness for the blessings and harvest of the year so far. Though you may not be planting crops, you are harvesting the good of the year. Give thanks in some way, for your riches and blessings, and share your bounty with those you love and those in need. Gratitude is more than saying “Thank you”; it is showing your appreciation through service, support, and kindness.

Cleanse and bless yourself and your home. Take a bath or shower. Add some salt to your bath for purification. Start the summer off with a clean, organized house.

Celebrate the turning of the season. Honor the changes of the season with a celebration. Whether you have a picnic and barbeque in the backyard, a bonfire at the beach or park, or simply light a candle in honor of the changes, take some time to celebrate the bounty of the Earth. Prepare a nice meal to share with family and friends, pick some flowers and/or veggies or herbs from your garden, and give them as presents to friends. Take a walk, sit outside until the sun sets, watch the stars this evening, and spend some time celebrating the beauty of the earth and the joy of living.

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