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Summer slide in reading and other learning activities

It's hard to believe, but the school year is almost over, and summer is rapidly approaching. Your child's teacher has probably already given them a summer reading list. Reading is a great activity to fill the time during hot summer days, but many children have to be coaxed to read a book after having read many books during the school year. E-books, audio books, and reading contests are all appealing methods to keep children reading during the summer. All of these tools can help children avoid the summer slide in reading skills.

Photos of a variety of reading activities around the world enhance interest in children's books.  The birth of a new prince also gave birth to new children's books.
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Read a book
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The Sarasota County Library system has made available a summer reading list for grades 3-5 in brochure form. The list was created by the Quicklists Consulting Committee and the School Age Services and Programs Committee. Many of the books are likely to be on a summer reading list that your child might get from his/her teacher. The books on the available list from the Sarasota Library System are kid-recommended. These books are also available in e-book, audio book, and even Braille from.

The Scholastic Book publishers also have begun The Summer Reading Challenge for 2014. This is a free summer reading program for ages 4-14. Children are encouraged to pick up books this summer and set a new world record for reading. The theme for the challenge this summer is READING UNDER THE STARS. Free resources for parents and teachers are availabe from Scholastic. Children may sign up for the contest at

You may locate your local Sarasota library by logging on at

Pick up a summer reading list, visit the library for a variety of tools to use for reading, and enter the reading contest from Scholastic this summer to avoid the summer slide in reading.

Check out the interesting photos in the included slideshow for reading around the world activities.

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