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Summer Slide Prevention - Last-minute 'to-do's'

Books and games to prevent summer slide
Books and games to prevent summer slide
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Summer camps are nearing the end, as the school bell soon will ring in less than a month for many students in Northeast Ohio. During the summer break, children may fall into the ‘summer slide’ if there has not been a consistent academic curriculum to keep them on track.

As the countdown to school nears, here are a few suggestions:

  • Read, read and read some more! Most schools require students to turn in a reading and/or math log at the start of school. In addition to books, the ‘read some more’ may include: magazines, newspapers, food labels, coupons and road signs.
  • If your child’s is enrolled in a camp with an academic component, ask the director if your child can bring their books. Being around other children might encourage them to do their work.
  • Have your child write a story—realistic or make-believe—and recite it. The written word and spoken word are equally important.
  • Print worksheets online for your child’s next grade level and grade levels beyond their next grade. Children are sponges and if they are adept to learn beyond their next grade, why hold them back? Allow their brains to ingest, ingest, ingest!
  • Purchase a bridge book for your child. The books, recommended by teachers, bridge your children from their current grade to their upcoming grade level. The books can be purchased at Lakeshore Learning.
  • Lose the electronic devices, have a game night and play board games. Quadrillion, by, is one such game. The object of the game is to place the attached marble pieces on the magnetic grid without the pieces touching the specified black or white covered spaces. Children and adults will have fun, while pushing their concentration level to the max!

With weeks or maybe a month or more left before school starts in Northeast Ohio, parents can help their children prevent the summer slide and instead glide into the new school year.

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