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Summer skin questions answered

Summer Golden skin
Photo by Mike Coppola

As a skin care professional, I get many questions about skin care and products; since we are going to be going into the summer season, I wanted to answer some of the summer skin care questions that I am frequently asked.

Q: - Do I need to change my skin care routine or products during the summer months?

A: - Yes, you do! Charleston’s summers are relentless heat, and humidity. Cleansing your skin twice or even three times a day is a must to clean the sweat, dirt and debris out of your pores. The buildup of dirt, oil, and dead cells can enlarge pores.

Q: - Do I need to exfoliate during the summer?

A: - Yes! Exfoliation is important no matter the season; I suggest enzyme exfoliation rather than chemical peels or a light lactic or vitamin C peel over a harsh glycolic or TCA peel. Microdermabrasion is a great exfoliation method as well. Exfoliating your skin helps to keep it healthy and gives you’re a smooth texture of skin by keeping bacteria away and clearing away dead skin.

Q: - Is there a particular makeup I should use for the summer?

A: - I love mineral makeup; as a makeup artist I have used some great mineral makeup that is straight from the drug store such as Maybelline and Cover girl, but I have also used Mac Mineral makeup as well as Glo Mineral and Jane Iredale. Mineral makeup or just using a little bronzing powder is best for summer. LET YOUR SKIN BREATHE A LITTLE!

Q: - Do I have to wear sunscreen additional sunscreen if it is in my makeup?

A: - Yes! Adding sunscreen to your makeup gives you a little more protection. I also like to add sunscreen to my bronzing powder or mineral powder; it makes a great tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. All sunscreen should be reapplied when you are out in the sun for an extensive amount of time.

Q: - What can I do to reverse sun damage?

A: - I find that LED Light Therapy, IPL Therapy, and chemical peels are what works to reverse sun damage. All three therapies or even a combination of these therapies helps to accelerates healing, collagen stimulation and elastin production

Summer skin care is really very easy, let your natural beauty shine through. Just remember these few tips to have natural beauty with a Beyoncé or J-Lo Glow!

Enjoy your summer!

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