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Summer skiing: 5 sports to keep you in shape over the summer

5 sports or activities to keep you in shape for skiing/riding over the summer.
Kevin Jordan

The season in North America is wrapping up. Arapahoe Basin (A-Basin) has announced that it will be open for 3 day weekends until June 22. This means that to get your skiing/riding fix, you will have to head down to the Southern Hemisphere.

Here are 5 sports or activities that you can do to keep yourself in skiing/riding shape over the non-snow months:

  1. Cycling. Riding a bike is a good cross training sport for many skiers and snowboarders. You can tip the bike underneath so the tires "carve." You can also move forward and backward on the bike as you ride which helps you go over terrain and simulate skiing/riding motions.
  2. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding. Paddling on a SUP is an excellent core workout. Plus, if you do it in the Ocean or on a lake with choppy water, you use your legs to maintain balance. This is very similar to skiing.
  3. Hit the gym. When those afternoon thunderstorms rear their ugly head and your options to do outdoor sports become limited, go to the gym. While you may not be able to simulate the exact movements or target the subtle muscles you use while skiing and riding, you will be able to build strength in the major muscles you use skiing and riding.
  4. Hike. If you want to be out in the alpine environment that you love so much, get on the trail. Hiking uphill can improve your cardiovascular strength. While hiking downhill uses similar muscles you use in skiing and riding. Good idea to bring trekking poles with you on the descent.
  5. Water ski or wakeboard. Want to get a similar thrill that skiing and riding provide? Try water skiing or wakeboarding. Getting pulled behind a boat provides you with the speed you need to "carve" turns through the water. Plus, the wake helps create some "moguls" or "jumps" so you can catch some air.

Enjoy the summer while you get in shape for next season!

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