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Summer sickness and guns


  • Memere 5 years ago

    AMEN. I also am not a fan of guns. I grew up with a gun in the house and my father showed me how to use it. He was an auxiliary police officer. I learned how to shoot it and then when I was married my husband kept guns also - I had to learn how to shoot that one also in order to kill the snakes in our backyard. I got pretty good at it also. All of my kids understood that you do NOT go near the guns. We never brought them out to show them - they were put away unless needed and then the children had to be in the house. I learned a great respect for firearms from my Dad and I hope I've passed it down successfully so that my grandchildren will also learn from their parents.
    By the way - you aren't the only ones suffering from the summer cold - I think the Angel passed it onto me, he wanted to be held a lot. I hope they are doing better - I hate it when they are sick and especially with whatever this stupid thing is.

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