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Summer Shows Up Coming - Get Organized

The second weekend of Coachella '14 is upon us and just around the turn will arrive a slew of Summer shows and festivals that will make your head spin. I find that local papers and e-zines do a lackluster job covering music leading up to a show, most focus on post coverage only, so being on top of your favorite bands tour schedule is key to not missing out on a kick ass show. Here at the office we rely heavily on communication from the band's publicists for future dates of shows, logistics and any changes. In addition to backing up our schedules for covering live music we have come to LOVE a nifty free app called Songkick.


Songkick helps us track what artists are touring & get personalized concert alerts by scanning our music library or Spotify playlists. It keeps a real time track on shows, bands, our show plans, and also alerts us to any possible last minute show announcements. Some other features allow you to buy tickets, listen on Spotify, share via Twitter, get maps to venues and so much more.

It is a life saver, and we highly recommend it! Here's how to get a copy via iTunes HERE.

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