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Summer shoe style guide


Shoes can make or break any outfit. They are the perfect ending to a great outfit and have the ability to accent your personality, appearance, and overall image. Shoes also tell you a lot about someone’s personality without having to walk a mile in them. A great pair of shoes can lead to success and sometimes walk you right you right into the arms of love. Just ask Cinderella, where would she be without the perfect shoe? What about Forest Gump who found the perfect shoe and couldn’t stop running?

You don’t have to be a fairy tale princess or a Hollywood actor to find the perfect shoe. All you need is a little guidance, personality, and someone with a great eye for fashion and comfort. The perfect shoe will match any outfit and provide you with additional support and comfort. An outfit can be built around a pair of exciting shoes or just add a hint of color and style to an otherwise boring ensemble.

With every piece of advice provided by the image consultants from My Image Expert, comes a few guidelines to follow. We do this to ensure you make the right selections for your body structure. That being said, be sure to follow these rules before selecting the perfect shoe:

  • The heel width should be in proportion to your body. If you have thicker legs, our style experts recommend selecting a heel that has a wider base like a cone shape. For longer, leaner legs; choose a thinner heel.
  • Before buying the perfect shoe, take a few laps around the store to ensure their comfort. An uncomfortable pair of shoes can leave blisters or cause foot problems down the road
  • Choose a heel length that you are comfortable wearing. You don’t want to play a balancing act or look like you just learned how to walk. Wear your shoes, don’t let them wear you!
  • Avoid shoes that are thick, heavy or chunky. Shoes should be feminine and sexy to compliment your legs, ankles and feet.
  • In the summer, avoid dark brown and heavy black shoes. Try neutral colors or fun fashion colors that will go with light summer clothing.
  • Avoid hardware. Select shoes with little-to-no embellishments or jewels. You want to wear accessories in the right place and shoe accessories are tacky and sometimes look cheap.
  • Avoid white shoes. They are usually too bright and become the focal point of any outfit otherwise drowning out your clothing selections.

Remember these guidelines and proceed with caution! We took our best pair of comfortable flats and hit the ground running to find the top 5 summer shoes that everyone women should have in their wardrobe. Here’s what our style experts found:

Erika Chloe summer shoe style

1. For the neutralist: Every Summer wardrobe needs a soft nuetral shoe.  Try to avoid white shoes and replace them with a light grey or stone color.  These will go great with soft or muted prints, pastels, white, or nuetral toned garments.

Erika Chloe In Style Shoe Selection

2.  For the simple and sweet: Adding color into your shoe selection can be difficult.  Start out with a shoe that is similar to a shade of denim.  This will allow you to mix and match printed or nuetral tops with denim bottoms and the shoe will match either way.  Consider it a color extension for the ankle and foot.  These particular shoes are nice because of the nuetral cork base.  It makes them look light and soft. 

Erika chloe In Style for Summer

3. For the chic and conservative:  Every women needs a simple power pump.  For the warmer seasons, avoid black pumps and try a tan or saddle color.  This will allow you to integrate your summer work outfits successfully with other items in your closet.  You can also wear pumps wth pretty much anything, so keep them simple so they can work their magic! 

Erika chloe In Style Fashion Flat

4. The Relaxer:  A fashionable flat is a must have for summer relaxtion.  Avoid rubber flip flops and choose a more stylish casual sandle that will flatter your feet and pedicure when strutting through your beach town.  A fashionable flat is great for weekend style too.

Erika chloe Style Expert Shoes 101

5.  The trendy:  Gladiator sandals are everywhere and guess what... They are here to stay!  Find a pair that fits the top of your foot properly.  They don't have to be trendy so shop wisely and make sure that the straps dont go above the ankle.  You don't want to look silly or  be labeled as a fashion victim.

Have some fun with your shoes with summer.  Try to incorporate fun styles with a pratical fit that will allow you to mix and match shoes with items in your wardrobe.  If you need additional assistance, then you can always call in the experts.


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