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Summer Secrets: Blue Grotto Caves

boats in a bay near Valletta
boats in a bay near Valletta

view from the boat

Travel Review:
If you go to Malta, you must visit the Blue Grotto Caves.  It's an experience that will tickle all your senses.  Since they drive on the left in Malta, you might want to opt for riding the public bus.  It is a priceless experience.  The main bus terminus is in Valletta.  All bus routes arrive and depart from Valletta, stopping at points and villages along the way.  The longest bus ride is about 50 minutes; most any 20 minute bus journey will get you to where you need to be.  Remember, it's a small island.  Here is the summer schedule.


You'll want to get on bus 138 to go to the Blue Grotto Caves.  It is in the village of Wied iz-Zurrieq.  The public bus drops you at the top of the hill (you'll see the sign above) and you will need to walk to the village.  Just walk towards the water.  There will be plenty of picture-perfect moments on your descent.

Once you get to the village, there are a few shops on your right side, and the road tapers off to the left down a steep incline.  You can purchase ticketsv(€8 approx) for a boat ride near the bottom of the incline.  I happened to arrive just as a bus load of teen-aged Italian tourists showed up.  Not the best timing in the world, as we had to wait a bit longer than usual.  [Be aware that if the sea is rough, the boats might not go out.  But your fun isn't completely spoiled, as you can still swim (if you want to risk it!) in a nearby jumping in spot.]

no wonder they are called the blue grotto caves...

The boat ride is exhilarating, as the guides take you into the caves, gingerly avoiding the jagged rocks protruding from the water.  After seeing the caves, our guide turned off the engine and let us hop out and swim.  It was one of the most refreshing experiences!  The water was crystal clear - I could see the ocean floor!  Climbing back into the steep-sided boat took some muscle.  In fact, I had to hoist a few of the Italian teenagers back in.  Wimps.

After your refreshing swim, you'll need to hike up the hill to get to the bus stop.

 See the slideshow below for more pictures of the island.


  • D Morgan 5 years ago

    I hope one of those 'wimps' doesn't read this... :)

  • June Horton 5 years ago

    Todd, I'm really enjoying your articles. Thanks for making me aware of it. Hope you enjoy your trip home... (Leanna told me you and Rebecca were coming in.) Take care!