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Summer Sculpture

Summer Sculpture, Sperone Westwater Gallery
Summer Sculpture, Sperone Westwater Gallery

Summer Sculpure, Group Exhibition

Sperone Westwater Gallery, NYC

8 July - August 15, 2014

While imprisoned for his participation in the antifascist group, Giustizia e Libertà activities, Mario Merz began to draw. He drew, all the time, on any accessible item. He is mostly known for his Igloo series as well as his collaboration with fashion designer, Jil Sander in 1996. The late great artist's 1982 painting is part of a group exhibition currently showing at Sperone Westwater Gallery. He was married to Italian sculptor, Merisa Merz.

Inspiration: Nature. Human interaction with nature. '(He) Envisioned the contemporary artist as a nomad, ever mediating and meditating on the relationship between nature and culture.'

Medium: His early work - bottles, wood shavings and neon. Materials from daily life.

My Favorite Piece: Tom Sachs, Doctor (2009 - 2011): plywood, steel, hardware, ping pong balls, toggle switches, Tyvek, graphite, aluminum foil, foamcore, cintra, resin. As well as Mario Merz, Bisonti (1982): spray enamel, charcoal and pastel on canvas and spray enamel and plaster on cardboard (shoeboxes)

Sperone Westwater Gallery: Huge space. Founded in Soho in 1975, Sperone Westwater Gallery is now an eight story building on Bowery Street. There are elevators which take you to each floor. There is also a basement and, the terraces are sometimes used for exhibitions. A contemporary gallery, it's early focus was European avant-garde. It's a pretty luxe space.

“Conceptual Art is a sounding instrument between printed words, luminous writings, and letters scrawled in a hasty nervous instinctive calligraphy.” - Mario Merz

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