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Summer school shooting in Oregon high school (updated)

I typically do not like to report news stories involving shootings but it would seem yet another school shooting has occurred less than a week since the incident at the university in Seattle. Today, just before 8 a.m. in Troutdale, Oregon at Columbia River high school, a gunman with a shotgun opened fire during summer school killing one student and injuring one teacher. I blame video games and ads on Facebook related to shootings. Heck, it seems that every day I use Facebook, there is an animated ad involving some type of shooting game being advertised in groups and on daily pages. The gunman was discovered dead due to alleged self-inflicted wounds. The school was quickly evacuated and another gun was also discovered; however, according to FoxNews, police suspect that this gun was unrelated to today's incident. This draws the conclusion that either someone else had entertained the idea of a school massacre or planned to execute someone in particular, or take their own life. The school is located near Portland, Oregan.

Fears and Tears
Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images

Reportedly, one of the assistant principles announced on the intercom for students and faculty to go into lock-down mode which can only mean that at least the school district was prepared based on all of the recent related events. There were mixed reports whether a shotgun or rifle was the gunman's weapon of choice. Within moments of the shooting, SWAT and the Troutdale Police Department arrived on scene. There is a prayer vigil set for tonight at a local Baptist Church.

Personally, I blame video games and the Obama Administration who had planned to crackdown on the gun laws surrounding minors based on not the recent school shootings but going back several school massacres ago. Talk about what the President considers a top priority when it comes to the safety of our nation on US soil!

Comment by unhappy reader

A comment was made that I have somehow disrespected the victims and their family based on my article with my opinion of blaming video games for the rash of school related shootings. The person who made the comment also suggested that I disrespected those who enjoy video games where it is somehow okay to shoot and hurt innocent bystanders. The final part of the comment was that I needed to go back to journalism school because I likely blamed Marilyn Manson for the Columbine Massacre.

In response to these allegations:

Actually, No. I am a fan of Marilyn Manson and not only do I not hold him responsible for the Columbine Massacre but there is a correlation between video games and deviant behavior. If you read my profile you will see that I do not come from a journalism degree but instead a BS/MS in Criminal Justice with Grad Minors in Counseling and Gender Studies. I have over 15-years experiences as a criminal investigator; 5-years as a profiler of sex offenders and now I work with victims and survivors of sexual violence,d child abuse, domestic violence, intimate partner violence (IPV), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, eating disorders, and bullying; plus over I have over 700 articles published and three books published on these subjects, in addition to Civil Rights and Human Rights and Gender and LGBT Rights, and Offender and Community Awareness.

This article was not a joke nor disgrace to the victims and their family. In fact, as a Criminologist and Victimologist, my opinion is also backed by a very real correlation that has existed for years between video games and criminal deviance.








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