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Summer safety tips

The heat has settled on the metroplex. Not that this is any bit unusual for Texas, but nonetheless it's time for a change in our households. Before you take your birds out of their cages, it's time to make a routine summer check. Between unattended windows, roaming children and overactive ceiling fans. There's a lot to be cautious of this time of year.

For the most part, Texas summers mean windows stay closed, but from time to time we do have a cool enough day to open up windows, and let in a soft breeze. Some owners believe that clipping their birds will prevent them from flying out, however even with a restricted elevation, a parrot can still get good enough flight outside to be able to travel as far as any other bird. Another issue is the myth that a window screen is going to keep a parrot inside. This is simply not the case. Window screens are very easy to be ripped apart by a saw like beak. Curiosity is the birth right of all birds.

Another issue that Can escape us, is not knowing a ceiling fan is turned on in a room. It's not just something you should consider for the room that an uncaged bird is currently in, but also any room in the house that is partially opened or occupied by another person. Always be aware of who, what and where.

Finally, as the summer heat is at full force, so are our children. Every kid loves the fun of the outdoors, and the cool air & beverages of indoors. Loud running children is enough to startle even the most calm of birds, and send them into full flight. This combined with unattended doors that are left open by children less than aware of their surroundings.

There are plenty of chaotic elements that come into play primarily during the summer season, that can be an enormous hazard to your birds. Stay safe, and stay happy this summer.


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