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Summer safety for all family members

Mosquitoes are one danger to beware this summer.
Mosquitoes are one danger to beware this summer.

This summer, although the temperatures have been next to perfect around Chicagoland, the varying temperatures combined with the rainfall, has created a need to remind parents to remember safety precautions before sending your kids out to play. While they are eager for as much sun time as possible, you will not want to risk their health and safety by not being cautious.

It is important in wet, humid weather with fair conditions to apply not only sunscreen, but bug spray on your children to ward off those pesky mosquitoes! Again, mosquitoes were on the news this morning; showing record hatches for this summer season. It is important to protect your children and prevent illnesses such as West Nile Virus.

There are many products out there that will allow you and your children to safely enjoy summer and all its glory. You just have to realize which product is best for all of your family members.

Earlier this year, there were articles about sunscreen and sun protection that were quite useful in helping a parent determine which product was best for them and what ingredients those products consisted of. This way it is easy to decide whether this product is right for you and yours or not.

More people are getting ill this summer as a result of mosquito bites. The larger hatches most likely have a lot to do with that particular issue. Soon we could realize that more individuals and pets have contracted West Nile Virus.

Some other very important considerations are food health. You don’t want meat to sit outside all day before grilling it. Food illnesses could pop up as a result of negligence. Food spoils in the heat and should be properly refrigerated before cooking!

When temperatures heat up, it is essential that you get your children to hydrate and eat correctly. You will want to provide them with light, healthy snacks (fruit, nuts, veggies and the like) as opposed to overly sugared or salty treats. The more sugar or salt, the more they may want to eat and become sluggish in the heat.

It is always important for parents to know where their children are playing – whether at the park or in their own backyards. This is just a preventative, but also a good consideration for their overall safety concerns. Sometimes it is a good idea to establish a ‘neighborhood watch’ team.

If you are able to follow this suggested list of recommendations, your summer will flow by smoothly and your family will all be safe and content. It is best to establish safety rules up front than to ward of a disaster after the fact!

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