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Summer’s Koolest holiday is here: Kool-Aid Weekend

Summer’s Koolest holiday is here: Kool-Aid Weekend
Summer’s Koolest holiday is here: Kool-Aid Weekend
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If you reside in Hasting, Nebraska, you already know all about Kool-Aid Weekend. The town of Hastings does not joke around about this celebration, they go all out. Kool-Aid Weekend kicked off this morning and will be celebrated all weekend – August 8 through August 10.

How does Hastings celebrate? We’re talking about a huge festival that includes contests, games, the Kool-Aid Balloonicle (the one used at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade), and of course, a lot of Kool-Aid. There’s even a Miss Kool-Aid Days beauty Pageant – no kidding!

Kool-Aid Weekend is observed in Hastings, Nebraska because that’s where Kool-Aid was invented. Edwin Perkins was the one who came up with this fun drink. While experimenting in his mother’s kitchen, Perkins began by making liquid concentrate he first called Fruit Smack. Later on, the name changed to Kool-Aid and many flavors were born – many flavors are still being created today.

Even if you don’t live in Nebraska, you can still join in the fun. If you love Kool-Aid, include it in your weekend and check out the latest flavors. By simply enjoying a cold glass of refreshing Kool-Aid, you’re already participating!

Check out Nebraska’s official page Kool-Aid Days to learn all there is to know about this quirky holiday. The word spreads every year as more and more people learn about this holiday. This year, the festival is expecting well over 50,000 attendees. Many at the festival are out of town and state, wanting to check out what Kool-Aid Weekend is all about.