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Summer's here let's get packing

A man's guide to packing for vacation
A man's guide to packing for vacation
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Here it is, summer time once again, and time for vacation, which means taking some of your stuff to a new location. This is commonly called ‘packing’ which is different from the term ‘get packing’ which means you’re leaving, but not because you want to.

For some, the worst part of vacation is packing. An average man would rather go with what they’re wearing and buy shorts 3 for $10 and Tee shirts that say “Visit North Korea…. It’s a Blast!”

Some people like to start a few days prior to vacation making sure they think through the wardrobe process with different outfits each day. These are the same people who arrange their underwear drawers according to color and/or fabric.

There are certain rules one may follow when packing. Everyone has favorite clothing they like to wear on vacation. Maybe it includes those loud shorts and Hawaiian shirt you would never wear around your neighborhood. Some of those rules include not worrying about what or how much to eat. Even if you add an extra couple of pounds, no one will notice except your pants.

Part of that rule for men states that if an article of clothing becomes ripped or tattered you can wear it until people start asking if you’ve either joined a grunge band or are in the forefront of some new fashion trend. Stop drinking with these people. They’re the ones who will stick a finger in a hole in your shirt and rip it wide open.

This does not apply to underwear which may be worn until it literally falls off. I personally had a favorite pair of Fruit of the Looms for so long the only thing left was a label still hanging on to a thick rubber band. Don’t throw away useful items like this. You can start a new trend in headbands.

I allow 10 minutes of pack time for every week away.

If you, like I, know which drawer or cardboard box your underwear and sox are in and where your pants are thrown, packing’s a snap and you’ve got a leg up. It’s a wrinkled leg, but chances are no one will know you unless it’s a family function and they already know how badly you dress. Don’t disappoint them!

I don’t worry about how the clothes fit in the suitcase because I know the airport security, if they’re your size, will pick and choose what they want and throw the rest back in, knowing you can’t tell if anything’s missing. The reason I know this is because when you see someone at the airline counter looking at you and talking into a communication device, they’re actually reporting to their friend in the baggage area, who also operates a vintage clothing store in mid-town. After your trip, visit the vintage stores and you’ll pay up to 4 times the original price for those favorite shorts you once owned. Happy traveling!

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