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Summer rumors swirl as Clippers search to fill the 3

There were only a handful of Clippers fans who really ever thought they would have a chance to nab this summers celeb catch, Lebron James.  So when he finally signed with Miami the reality of it all began to sink in that maybe grabbing a superstar caliber stud really is just a far-fetched media game.  All in all, the whole process was a little demeaning and a lot frustrating.  It stunk of another "paper clip" procedure that never had much substance behind it once hope faded. 

So the Clippers set off on another path, nailing down contracts with Randy Foye and Ryan Gomes.  They have taken in some youth in Al-Farouq Aminu and Eric Beldsoe from this year's draft and they have strong players filling roles at every other spot other than that elusive #3 slot, the small forward position.  For their efforts, they are certainly less than what they wished to be during this off-season of the big time free agent.  They now find themselves staring away from The King, but looking a former court king to see what he has left.  Tracy McGrady got a good workout/meeting with the Clippers on Wednesday, though we have not been given much else to go on besides the normal speculation.  At only 31, T-mac could play a fantastic role for the team if his mind and body are truly working as hard as sources say, but honestly, his overall buzz is certainly not definitive.  Plus he seems to have sights on his workouts with the Bulls.

Also appearing on the radar these days is Andre Iguodala.  The Philadelphia star small forward would be a stellar addition to the roster, but since he's under a hefty contract until 2014 worth $56 mill, just what are the 76'ers looking for in return?  If they would take some of the youth as opposed to the current core one could envision such a deal, as A.I. just isn't panning out the way his contract would indicate. 
Whatever the case, the Clippers suits haven't revealed any offers, or plans to make any offers to Iggy.  Not surprisingly, Lisa Dillman was on the tweet scene saying they just are not interested in Andre and the reasoning "goes beyond that massive contract too."


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