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Summer reading program through the county of Los Angeles public library

The County of Los Angeles Public Library is having their annual Summer Reading Program. The reading program started on June 2 and will end on August 16. The Lancaster library is where all the adventure of reading begins. Which city continually brings forth entertainment for the whole family, various educational programs; considering the well-being of their residents, that is correct the City of Lancaster. To sign up for the Summer Reading Program, visit the Lancaster Library Children’s section and speak to any of the librarians who are ready to assist. There will be a huge reading sign up chart; a Reading Log will be given along with a pencil and a Reading Tote, how exciting. Children will have to read for thirty minutes and then color the little animals on the Reading Log that will lead to a prize, which can be redeemed on Tuesday through Thursday. Once the Reading Log has been exhausted a new one will be given.

The Summer Reading Program is for the whole family, yes the whole; for babies, toddlers, kids, teens and adults. Reading is a wonderful benefit for all.

This year theme is Paws to Read.

No time for stay at home mothers of Lancaster to stay at home, even though society thinks they sit at home and watch television all day. Here is a program that will suit the whole family. Have a family affair at the Lancaster library and everyone, including Dad can sign up for the reading program this summer. The children may even be more encouraged to read seeing their parents with a book in their hands. All minds will be stimulated in a way that will be a great benefit for everyone and it all can simply start with signing up for the Summer Reading Program. Have a happy reading this summer.

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