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Summer reading and wellness program at Akron Library starting June 9

Akron Library hosts Mind, Body & Sole beginning June 9, 2014
Akron Library hosts Mind, Body & Sole beginning June 9, 2014
Tanisha Herrin/Akron Library

The Akron Library hosts Mind, Body & Sole, a reading and wellness event for the whole family, June 9 through August 30, 2014. This is a reading and wellness program aimed to encourage individuals and families throughout Summit County to read and exercise throughout the summer.

The program is a reminder of how important it is for kids and adults to stay healthy and active during the summer. While kids may enjoy different activities during summer from swimming to camping outdoors, many may wonder why read over the summer?

The Department of Education says the summer season is a significant time for kids to maintain and improve their reading and language abilities. It may lead to kids wanting to read all year-round. Studies have shown reading encourages good mental health for children and adults while providing useful knowledge, creativity, and brain stimulation.

Aside from doing typical physical activities during summer such as bike riding and playing sports, regular exercise can be just as beneficial. Simple exercises such as walking and jogging promote good physical and mental health. Yet, individuals and families can do both easily though the Mind, Body & Sole summer reading and wellness initiative.

Families can register at their local Akron Library branch location beginning on Monday, June 9. The program includes completing a simple 3-step process that includes completing a registration card, read for a minimum of 30 minutes regularly, and selecting a form of regular exercise such as walking.

When you sign-up you will receive a free goodie bag that includes a reading and exercise log. You will work throughout the summer to reach milestones set as you read and be physically active. Participates also have a chance to enter a Grand Prize Drawing that will be held September 13, 2014 at the Library’s 140th Anniversary Celebration.

For more information visit Akron Library online or contact your local library branch.

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