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Summer reading alert Elixir a story about identity, secrets and above all love

book thriller
Author Ted Galdi

The breakneck pacing of Elixir, a riveting new thriller about to be released by Ted Galdi, makes for one action-packed read with all the chills and thrills of a Ludlum or Clancy novel! It is a story about identity, secrets, and above all love.

Whether he likes it or not, Sean Malone is not your normal kid. It would be tough enough remaining anonymous after winning over a million dollars on Jeopardy!, but with an IQ over 200 and a guaranteed full-ride scholarship to one of the best universities in the country – he is definitely a phenomenon and anything but your normal 14-year-old!

When Sean writes an algorithm solving the Traveling Salesman Problem – the biggest mystery in computer science – his professor submits it to the NSA. Having no qualms about manipulating him so it can control the code, the government uses his discovery in its pursuit of a drug lord, leaving a trail of innocent victims in its wake.

In order for him to remain safe, Sean must become anonymous. He is forced to build a new life for himself in Rome and manages to blend in by not divulging his genius to anyone. At age 18, he meets Natasha and is immediately smitten! But as fate would have it, his new girlfriend is stricken with Ebola and he knows he's the only one on earth smart enough to find a cure - but it will mean blowing his cover. Through the author's compelling storytelling readers are held spellbound, with their imagination locked in overdrive, all the way to the climactic end as Sean battles not only a multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical empire but the demons of his past.

"Elixir is different than a typical thriller because it doesn't just focus on suspense,” says Galdi. "My favorite part of writing it was coming up with characters the reader would care about. The thrills are that much better if the characters mean something to you in their own way. I also think people will find the tie-in to the controversy around Edward Snowden and leaked NSA activities interesting. Since it happened, no thriller has really tried to pull the cover off the type of stuff that goes on there, at least not on this level.” That is, until now…

Did you know? Ted Galdi - 29 years old - is a graduate of Duke University and co-founder of, a software company which streamlines event-management logistical data. Elixir is his first novel. For more information, including the book trailer and three-chapter preview, click here.

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