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Summer Rae vs. Layla and Big E vs. Rusev added to WWE Money in the Bank

According to a June 27 report from Cageside Seats, two new bouts have been added to this weekend's WWE Money in the Bank card in Boston. In WWE Divas action, Summer Rae is set to battle Layla, with Fandango as special guest referee. The other new addition to the card is a heavyweight match, as Big E takes on Rusev.

Summer Rae battles Layla at WWE Money in the Bank
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

What should WWE Universe take away from the announcement? First of all, WWE Money in the Bank needed this. With Daniel Bryan still nursing a neck injury and Brock Lesnar not expected to appear, the main card needed a little boost to drive fan excitement. Before the additions of Summer Rae vs. Layla and Rusev vs. Big E, WWE Money in the Bank was only slated to feature two ladder matches, a pair of tag-team bouts and a WWE Divas championship.

The promotion did a fine job rounding out the WWE Money in the Bank card by making a pair of key announcements during this week's episode of WWE Smackdown, which aired on the SyFy network. Rae vs. Layla is interesting because the pair have been feuding over Fandango, a mutual love interest. Rae used to date Fandango, until he broke up with her via Twitter. Fandango currently dates Layla, but he appears to be torn between the two.

There's a couple different ways the WWE could script the Rae vs. Layla bout to go down. They could have Fandango split from Layla to go back to Rae, his former girlfriend. The WWE could also realistically have Fandango do a quick three count to notch Layla the victory. In all likelihood, Rae and Layla will team up and turn on Fandango because they'll realize its silly to fight over him. The WWE is working hard to get rid of their misogynistic image, so having Rae and Layla team together might be the right move.

It's a bit of a sexist, misogynistic storyline to have Rae and Layla fight for Fandango's love. Having them join forces to smash Fandango with a steel chair would be far more awesome, and way less misogynistic. As for Big E vs. Rusev, this one is a bit of a squash match. Rusev has been getting a major push lately as the WWE's top heel besides Lesnar, so it's likely he'll send Big E to an early shower.

Big E has been mired in midcard territory ever since losing the WWE Intercontinental Championship. A strong showing against Rusev, even in defeat, could elevate him back up the ladder. It's make or break time for Big E, and he has the opportunity to prove to WWE Universe that he has what it takes to carry a feud with the promotion's fastest-rising heel. As for Rusev, he hasn't yet lost in the WWE.

He's been getting a huge push by the promotion, and the fans have already latched on him as a lovable villain. Rusev was an unknown just six months ago, but he's been drawing some great heat from fight fans over the past few weeks. The WWE is very high on him right now, and he has a strong upside. WWE Money in the Bank is set for June 29 in Boston.

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