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Summer Poetry

Summer Poetry is a good way to develop your kids summer reading skills. Go to the Wilkes Public Library and get them reading some classical poetry. However , you might look South to Miami and find a unique poet to explore. The Biscayne Poet is a unique writer developing in South Florida. I crossed path last night at Cultural Fridays in Little Havana with the poet.

Sample Poem :

Today I know love is real

to look into your eyes is to get

Lost inlove and happiness

and today I know the moon will

always hang blue and fragrant

as if hanging from an invisible

branch made of gold ....

love love love love........

Oscar Fuentes - the Biscayne Poet

So check out Poetry this Summer and let your kids imagination soar. Explore books like the ones of the Biscayne Poet. Check him out on Vimeo at : You can also look for othe poetry books with your kids at the Wilkes Public Library.

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