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Summer party essentials for easy entertaining

With summer in full force, everyone is getting outside to enjoy barbecues, pools and each other. When planning a big party or an impromptu dinner, a few summer essential items in your house can make the experience divine.

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Cristine Struble
Summer entertaining must haves
Summer entertaining must haves

Here is a list of party essentials that can make you the hostess that everyone emulates.

Wine traveler

For a medium size party, cups can be a large size issue. Disposable cups can create a trash nightmare. At the same time, hosts might prefer not to use their good glassware for a lively party. The Wine Traveler by The Product Farm is the wine glass for any party situation. This wine glass is like an adult wine sippy cup. The plastic cup has an internal shape of a classic wine glass. The dual chamber sealed insulation can keep beverages cooler long. With a closeable lid, the design helps to prevent spills. For the outdoor gathering, the lid works as a barrier to bugs and dirt. From the summer sangria to the crisp pinto grigio, the Wine Traveler will keep your beverage safe till you are ready to enjoy.


An ice cold on a warm summer day can be quite refreshing. Keep the beer chilled with the BeerNStein. The 24oz capactity insulated beer tumbler is inspired by the classic German-style beer stein. An optional lid keeps keeps unwanted items from landing in the beer. The larger capacity tumbler can hold 2-12 oz beers. Instead of spending time going back and forth to the refrigerator, you can enjoy spending time with friends or relaxing in the sun. BeerNStein is produced by the Product Farm and retails for $16.99. A variety of colors are available.

Clean Cubes

Throwing a party means that there will be lots of trash. Still, having trash bags lying around the yard can be cumbersome. Clean Cubes are the convenient and stylish way to keep trash contained. This complete trash solution is composed of a plastic trash liner adhered to a paper bin. In an instant, Clean Cubes can be set up and put to use. Whether used for trash collection, recycling or other simple storage solutions, the Clean Cubes are a must in a busy home. Biodegradable Clean Cubes are available online and come in a variety of sizes. Prices average $5.99.

Food Huggers

Have you ever noticed that some summer foods don't store well. How do you cover a cut avocado or keep a lemon fresh? Bags can let in air and the fruits lose their freshness. Food Huggers solve the food left over problem. These re-usable food savers are perfect for summer fruits and vegetables. From saving the tart lemon to keeping the brown away from avocados, Food Huggers can save tons of money by keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. Food Huggers have three options, multi-pack small for $14.99, a set of four for $14.99, and avocado huggers for $9.99.

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