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Summer of EVE News

Garmur Frigate
Garmur Frigate
CCP Games

Ship Upgrades

Pirate faction ships have upgraded many of their ships, along with Mordu’s Legion unveiling a fleet of its own. Industrial shipyards have improved many of their ship defensive features to combat these threats while ORE has released their new exploration frigate, the Prospect. New ships, new boosts and a whole lot of stats to make your eyes bleed available on the official Kronos update page.

Upcoming EVEnts

EVE Vegas 2014 returns to Planet Hollywood, and tickets are on sale now for cash or PLEX. Join CCP devs and players from around the world, 17-19 October, in Las Vegas Nevada. Visit for event highlights, discount booking codes and ticket information. See you there!

EVE London, Veto Corp’s traditional gathering at Goodman’s Field Wetherspoons, looks forward to your presence, 5 July 2014. Join the EVE devs and dozens of fellow fans to raise a few glasses and trade some stories of Internet Spaceships. Details and attendee information here.

Delivering the Industry New Eden Deserves

This summer EVE will be launching CRIUS, an industry-focused release where among fixes and general updates, the following key areas of Industry in EVE are being looked at:

· Reprocessing formula, skills, etc.

· Manufacturing system changes

· Industry UI

· Refactoring the research system.

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