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Summer nights in Heidelberg

The old bridge
The old bridge
Heidelberg CVB

Connecticut’s Mark Twain and the city of Heidelberg Germany are indelibly linked. It was here on Twain’s second trip to Europe that he found the quiet village of Heidelberg where he planned to spend one night. Twain, fell in love with the city and ended up staying in Heidelberg for three months. Twain is still so popular with today’s visitors that the Heidelberg tourism office offers a tour called “In the footsteps of Twain.”

Heidelberg retains its irresistible allure to this day. The Neckar, which wends its picturesque way through the verdant valley, and the romantic castle ruins, perched above the rooftops of the beautiful old town make this destination unforgettable.

There are many ways to enjoy Heidelberg this summer. A not to be missed activity is to take a boat ride on the long the narrow, blooming Neckar valley, the banks of which are thronged with vineyards and dense broadleaf woods, and gorgeous architecture. Afterward, take an evening stroll along the Friesenberg up to the romantic, illuminated castle, where you will be rewarded with unparalleled views of the sea of lights of the old town, with its churches, narrow alleyways and enchanting squares.

For romantics, Heidelberg doesn’t disappoint. Hand and hand you can explore the Nepomuk Terrace near the Old Bridge – this is where the famous Heidelberger Liebesstein is to be found: lovers attach their ‘love padlocks’ as a symbol of their everlasting devotion. From the terrace wander to a natural balcony called Philosophenweg that is noted for its’ views of exotic plants such as: Japanese loquat and American cypress, Spanish broom and Portuguese cherries, lemons and pomegranates, bamboo, palms and pines.

This summer Heidelberg is offering three for two special deals and many city break specials that will help visitors experience the city at discounted rates. For information on the summer breaks offered by Heidelberg visit