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Summer Newman casting rumors: Will ‘Y&R’ recast the role?

Summer Newman casting rumors: Will ‘Y&R’ recast the role?
Photo created by Rachael Monaco with permission

Fans of “The Young and the Restless” have been divided since the abrupt termination of actor Michael Muhney from his role as Adam Newman. The reasons for Muhney’s termination have varied and one of them involved the young co-star who portrays Summer Newman.

Whether or not Michael Muhney made inappropriate advances towards his co-star or she made them towards him, Hunter King has remained with “The Young and the Restless.” Summer Newman has become a more and more integral part of the plot revolving around Jack Abbott, Kelly Andrews and the comatose Phyllis Newman.

Fans have complained that the role of Summer Newman demands the acting ability of a more seasoned actress and that “Young and the Restless” will recast the role when Hunter King’s contract expires. Others say that CBS Daytime is hesitant even then to recast the role, fearing Hunter King would find a reason to file a lawsuit against CBS.