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Summer Mummers

In the middle of a hot, unsuspecting summer evening the dead have begun to walk the streets! This is not a warning! It is happening very soon! Next week, in fact!
Starting June 6, Summer Mummers will begin performances for this year’s 66th season of performance. This Midland staple has been in production for close to 70 years and consists of a classic melodrama followed by an hour long variety show dubbed the Olio. Popcorn throwing and hissing and booing at the show’s villain are absolutely encouraged during the performance.
Summer Mummers, started in 1949, acts as the main fundraiser for the Midland Community Theatre. Housed in the historic Yucca Theatre in downtown Midland, this city attraction has evolved from a simple performance with vaudeville acts following into a zany collection of songs, dance numbers, and short skits aimed to bring laughter and fun to every attendee. This year’s act focuses on the walking dead as they parade through town after unknowing outsiders decide to drink the city’s refreshing water.
Tickets range between $6 and $12 and the festivities begin at 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays all throughout the summer season. As all performers are volunteers, every ticket or donation goes to the Midland Community Theatre as it teaches and cultivates the artistic culture in the Permian Basin.
For more information visit their website at or 432-570-4111 for tickets. As the website says, it is not something that can be described, it must be experienced!

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