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Summer maintenance for your car

Getting your car ready for summer will require you to dedicate a few hours to auto maintenance, but the result will be saving hundreds of dollars on your overall car maintenance costs. In addition, a properly running vehicle can save its owner on fuel costs and make the car last longer, saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long term. Be sure to check the following parts of your vehicle before embarking on a road trip this summer

Oil – Make sure the oil in your car’s engine is clean.

Tire pressure – As the temperature rises and falls, your air pressure will change. Take a few moments to make sure that your tires are not over or under inflated.

Air Conditioning – This can be one of the most expensive items to repair in some vehicles. Make sure your vents are clear of debris, and if the air is warm, have the Freon levels checked.

Coolant – Engine coolant is critical during hot summer months. Make sure your reservoir is full

Air Filters – Replace any air filters that are clogged with dust or other debris.

Battery – Hot weather can cause a battery to overheat and corrode. Check your battery’s charge, and also look it over carefully for signs of corrosion.

Transmission – Ideally, have a professional mechanic perform a total systems check on your transmission. While this costs some money, it’s nothing compared to replacing a transmission

Other – Other fluids in your vehicle such as wiper fluid or power steering fluid should be checked and topped off if needed.

If you have experience with doing your own auto maintenance, you can undertake many of these tasks yourself. Otherwise, seek the services of a certified mechanic.

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