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Summer Love: Sizzling possibilities

Summer is a perfect time to get flirty--with music and movies galore, you'll have lots to talk about
Summer is a perfect time to get flirty--with music and movies galore, you'll have lots to talk about

Ahh, summer love. The scorching heat from the sun is nothing compared to the blaze of a summer romance. Portrayed onscreen by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as Danny and Sandy in 'Grease.' a summer romance which, through a twist of cinematic fate, is able to continue on it's way, they are a paradigm of an amazing summertime love. Whether you are in the beginning stages of a relationship, still searching for that special someone, or spending the hottest time of the year with someone you care about, summer is one of the best times of year to get--and keep--hearts afire.

Even though summer is halfway over, it's still filled with possibilities of amazing things to do, and lots of ways to get flirty! For you singles, if you are a music fan, theres a ton of things happening in the Des Moines metro, where you can mingle and meet with other music fans--who hopefully might be single and cute! Thursday evenings feature Nitefall on the River, usually pretty inexpensive, and features everything from up-and-comers like Des Moines's own Katelyn Epperly, and Top-40 hitmakes, like Barenaked Ladies. If you are REALLY into throwback tunes, there are upcoming shows in the metro featuring Ted Nugent and Devo.

If you are more of a film aficionado, then you can get your flirt on with competing teams at the 48 Hour Film Festival Kick-off at the Art Center on Friday at 6 pm. Registered teams from the Des Moines area have 48 hours to make a film, and the selected winner will compete with other teams from around the world! Think you want to compete instead of just meet and greet the other teams? You can visit for more information. 

Really in a city like Des Moines, theres a ton of ways for you to be able to get flirty this summer. It's already been a hot one, so you can definitely find your own ways to beat the heat! Just keep your eyes open for that sizzling possibility of that wonderful summer love.