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Summer locks

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With summer peeking around the corner, it may be time for us all to start thinking of a fresh, new, fun doo!

Although most of us tend to veer to the lighter side during the summer, heading dark is not a bad idea. Dark, sultry locks with a beautiful glowing tan can be just as eye catching as a pretty pale blonde.

Here are a few tips (straight from the stylist’s lips) to help with your decision.

Color choice:

Kick up the color

1. Make sure your choice is one DIFFERENT from your norm. (A change too subtle may not give you that special boost you’re looking for.)

2. On the contrary, make sure you’re schedule and budget can accommodate major change. High maintenance color can be very time consuming and pricy. (Every 4-6 weeks and $75 and up each visit depending on your salon and location.) However, if you’re up for it, the change can be loads of fun!

3. Don’t be afraid to venture into super trendy territory. The very popular Ombre’ technique is everywhere right now, yet looks so unique on every person. (Plus side: very low maintenance!)

4. Most important… Be who you are! It’s hard to rock any style if you’re totally uncomfortable.

Making the cut

1. If you have long locks, summer is no time to make the cut. You’ll miss being able to pull back all that hair when the temperature is soaring!

2. Same with bangs. If you don’t already have them, wait. Bangs stuck to a sweaty forehead are not so stylish! (However, they are a great fall/winter look.)

3. Take out the weight! Whether you are currently short or long, lighten your look with lots of layers or fun texturizing. These options always make for a flirty, flowing look.

4. Step outside of the trim. Like I said with your color. If the cut is too subtle, you’ll only leave the salon feeling disappointed. Never a good feeling!

Whatever you choose, get inspired! Go online or check out any fashion/hair magazine... Have fun!

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