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Summer linguine with peppers, tomatoes, and flaxseed

Linguine with cayenne peppers, tomatoes, and flaxseed
Linguine with cayenne peppers, tomatoes, and flaxseed
Stacy Jo Reed

The perfect summer pasta is one that is not too heavy with sauce, yet yields a robust and satisfying flavor that leaves your palette and stomach pleased. This pasta dish does just that. Of course, the fact that it has some great vitamin packing ingredients is another impressive trait of this recipe. Linguine, cayenne peppers, tomatoes, whole flaxseeds, olive oil, and parmesan cheese (to taste) culminant to provide a delicate, yet full bodied flavor.

Flaxseeds have a great nutty flavor and contain omega 3 and fiber. In addition, peppers, tomatoes, and olive oil have a reputation built on healthy attributes. Just remember to use olive oil sparingly.

For this recipe, I was able to use peppers and tomatoes from my own garden. The peppers have not turned red yet, but are still a heat powerhouse. I encourage you to have a garden with your own favorite vegetables and fruits. It does not take a lot of space to plant a couple of vegetables or fruit that will yield plenty of food as part of a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, a meal that includes your own homegrown fruits and vegetables seems to make a dish even more satisfying.

8 oz. (½ box) of linguine
1-2 hot cayenne peppers (more or less according to heat preference)
2 roma tomatoes diced
1/4 cup of olive oil
Parmesan cheese to taste (optional)

Cook 8 oz. of linguine to taste. Drain linguine and put in serving bowl. Add olive oil and stir well. Add flaxseeds and stir. Finally, add cayenne peppers and diced tomatoes. Stir all ingredients thoroughly. Serve. Add parmesan cheese to taste.

To make this dish even healthier, try using whole grain pasta. For a fuller meal, add a slice of great tasting healthy bread on the side to compliment this light and delicious pasta.

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