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Summer is the time to plant fruits and vegetables in your garden

This watermelon is growing in my garden in Newark, New Jersey.
This watermelon is growing in my garden in Newark, New Jersey.
Lucy Santos

Summer is the season to plant fruits and vegetables and save money on your groceries. In your own backyard, you can grow fresh fruits and vegetables that the entire family will enjoy. You can either buy the fresh fruit or vegetable plants in a pot or you can buy a packet of seeds that will eventually produce the fruit or vegetable plants. One advantage of buying the potted fruit or vegetable plant is that it will grow faster, but it is more expensive. If you buy the packet of seeds that will produce fruit or vegetable plants, you will save money, but you will also have more gardening work to do and have more patience, for it will take longer for the seeds to grow.

If you decide to buy the potted fruit or vegetable plant, all you have to do is plant it directly in the ground in a sunny location and remember to leave adequate space between each plant. If you plant fruit and vegetable plants too close together, then they will not grow as strong and produce less fruits and vegetables. You should water your plants each day except of course when it rains.

Patient gardeners may decide they want to grow fruit or vegetable plants from a package of seeds. If you choose this option of gardening, then you must buy a rich soil and pots. Fill each pot with soil and add the fruit or vegetable seeds. Put the pots in a sunny location and water each day. When the seedlings grow, plant them directly into the ground. In a few weeks, you will see strong fruit or vegetable plants.

How do you know when your plants will start to produce fresh fruit or vegetables? When you see a small yellow or white flower on your plants, then you will know that your fruits or vegetables are beginning to grow. From that flower, a fruit or vegetable will begin to develop. Remember to pick your fruits and vegetables when they are fully mature. For example, you will take the tomatoes from the plant when they are red.

Some fruit and vegetable plants require more care than others. This is the case with the watermelon plant, a healthy summertime favorite. The watermelon plant twines, so you must tie it using a stake, so it will not coil around your other fruit and vegetable plants or begin to grow in your neighbor’s backyard.

Planting sunflowers in your garden will help to pollinate the fruit and vegetable plants since bees are attracted to sunflowers in bloom. Sunflowers are easy to care for as well as drought resistant, and they will also add beauty to your garden.

Planting a garden is wonderful pastime that will keep you entertained this summer as you watch your fruit and vegetable plants grow, and it is interesting to see how they change from day to day. Gardening is hard work, but your labor will certainly pay off when you serve those fresh fruits and vegetables on your lunch and dinner plate.

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