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Summer is near with Rick Lally's Acoustic Dreams

Album artwork
Album artwork
Courtesy of the Rick Lally

Rick Lally is a singer-songwriter from Olathe who plays acoustic-based pop. His new release, Acoustic Dreams, was produced, engineered, composed, and performed nearly entirely by himself. He even designed the album's artwork.

It's evident that Lally not only put a lot of work into these recordings but also that he is a very talented songwriter. Acoustic Dreams is mostly filled with mid-tempo recordings that recall Jack Johnson or Jimmy Buffet.

You could definitely picture Lally performing these songs on some beach somewhere. Songs like "Spring Time" and "Go With the Flow" might make the listener want to do nothing but lay on the ground on a warm, sunny day. For someone who is so land-locked, maybe Lally uses these songs as his way of escaping from our harsh, continental climate to a more tropical environment.

Acoustic Dreams is a collection of songs much needed after another frigid Midwestern winter. You can purchase the album here.

Lally also runs the Six String Music Studios that helps support many other local musicians. His next live performance will be at the Cafe Cedar in Parkville on March 21st.