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Summer is gone... Fall Arrives...

Join a League Today!!!
Join a League Today!!!

As the summer leagues end, the fall meetings start and the fall leagues are starting this coming week.

Time to see old friends and make new friends. Lot of changes with USBC this year and Gulf Coast USBC is stepping in.

Not sure if everyone has heard but USBC is basically no longer giving out awards. The associations around the country were asked to make up their own awards package. Some will do it, some are using old awards and some are creating their own.

USBC is no longer giving youth awards out at all, even honor scores are not going to be given for the youth. Personally I think that is unfair. These kids deserve to be recognized. They are USBC’s and our future.

For the adults for 300 & 800, USBC will give out one ring for each, a lifetime achievement ring and that is it. If you have gotten one before the new season starts you will never receive another ring from USBC. After August 1 if you receive a 300 or 800 you will get a ring and that will be it, you will be done.

Gulf Coast USBC Bowling Association takes care of four bowling centers, Liberty Lanes, Seminole Lanes, Ten Pins & Sunrise Lanes. Gulf Coast will have their own awards. We did patches for games & series, with our logo on them, not USBC. We are also bringing back the 7-10 split, Big 4 and Triplicate. They will be pins.

For 300, 800’s, and 11 in a row, we are putting together something similar to the clean series plaques, and we hope you like them. They will be different and you will be recognized by Gulf Coast USBC for your achievement. The same as the clean series, if you get multiple’s and you want extra plates, you will be charged whatever fee it costs us to have them made. If you fill it up you will be required to buy a new one, at the same cost as what we pay for them.

We will be doing the same for the youth bowlers. Their game and series will be a dog tag, our Gulf Coast USBC Youth Leaders picked these out. They also will be giving out pins for the 7=10 split, 75 pins over for a game, and Triplicate.

So as the fall season begins, let’s get out there, find your old league, or a new league to bowl on, see old friends or make new ones. Visit each of the centers websites for more info on league meetings and league start dates.

Do you need a new ball? Visit your center and go to their pro shop. A new ball, new bag, new shoes, wrist band. Each of our centers has a pro shop. Seminole Lanes ­– Pro Line Bowling Supply – Mike Bongiorno, and Liberty Lanes ­ Charlie’s Pro Shop – Charlie Finch, Sunrise Lanes – Bev’s Pro Shop – Bev Ullrich, & Ten Pins Pro Shop.

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