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Summer is coming to an end soon...

Annie and Katrina at the park
Annie and Katrina at the park
Katrina Curry

At the beginning of the season, summer seems long to many especially those that prefer the snow and the cold. For those that enjoy the heat of the sun, the lush green of the trees—or even the brown of the grass—summer is the best season of all. So, while it’s still only the beginning of September, summer is soon coming to a close for the year.

To enjoy the last of the season, get out there for a bike ride, a walk or play with your dog at the park! Those of you that have a dog, you can relate to the sheer happiness your canine friend brings you when you see him/her running full out at the park! Dogs love being outdoors and whether you pay attention to them while being there, it doesn’t matter, they’re happy just being outdoors with their best friend.

Maybe you prefer getting on your bike and riding around town for the last of the season. There are so many parks, trails and rivers to ride along in Bend that there are no excuses to let your two-tired vehicle sit in the garage. One place that is beautiful and a great ride at the same time is right past the Big Eddy on the Deschutes River. Go up Century drive and turn onto Conklin road; this will lead you to places to park so you can grab your bike and go from there, leading you to the Deschutes River. When you go, go with friends, family or your furry companion(s) and just enjoy the last of this beautiful weather that we have here in Bend!

No matter your preference for activities to do in the summer, there is always something to do. Hiking, walking, camping, biking, river rafting, walking, running, skateboarding, canoeing, and so much more! Because for those that enjoy the sun, you know that once October hits, its skiers and snowboarder’s time!

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