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Summer is Coming at Anchor Brewing

Anchor's California Lager in cans
Anchor's California Lager in cans
Anchor Brewing

Summer is here. And Anchor Brewing's got the goods for your warm(ish) weather cooler.

It's the time of year to crack open an Anchor Summer Beer. The 4.5% ABV wheat beer is a great complement to summer activities and is available now in six packs, and 22 oz bottles.

Of course, if you're bringing Anchor's Summer Beer along on your adventures, you may have issues bringing glass bottles to the park or the beach.

Luckily Anchor's got you covered with their California Lager, now available in cans year round. The 4.9% ABV beer has had a meteoric rise in popularity since its launch, and can be found in bars across the city. Now, get them in cans and pack them with you on your next trip to the ocean or on a hike. Not only are the cans lighter than their bottle counterparts, but they aren't banned in as many outdoor locales. Oh, and through a couple partnerships, a portion of proceeds from Anchor California Lager sales will support the National Parks Conservation Association and the California State Parks Foundation. Boom.

As a side note, it's awesome to see how popular the California Lager has become. It is likely supplanting some big beer lagers, or at the least giving folks a chance to try something new. Here's to hoping the cans will entice some new craft beer drinkers as well.


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