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Summer historical romance reads sure to add some heat to a sunny day

There are some great summer romance books that are perfect company for any day at the beach, park, pool, or for a staycation. Enjoy.
There are some great summer romance books that are perfect company for any day at the beach, park, pool, or for a staycation. Enjoy.
courtesy of Avon Books

Romance writers have been busy creating some historical novels for even the fussiest romance lover. From duchesses to scandals, there is plenty to chose from when grabbing a book for the beach (or park, or vacation).

For lovers of historical romance
courtesy of Avon Books

"It Takes a Scandal" by Caroline Linden is filled with lots and lots of sexy romance. According to the publisher, "Imagine the sensational frenzy surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey, combined with the Austen-esque wit and sweeping romance of regency-era England." A wealthy heiress wants true love, but her riches blind most men except for the most unsuitable one. A war veteran with nothing falls madly in love with her, but there is a more eligible suitor in the game.

Laura Lee Guhrke is the author of "How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days." She explains why she wrote this book, "...I wanted to write a Marriage-of-Convenience plot." But Guhrke says that many books with this plot can be very predictable, so she decided to change it around. "...I wanted to put a fresh spin on the whole thing. So I started wondering what would happen if instead of the deal falling apart, the deal worked like it was supposed to..." It's the story of an American heiress who agrees to the marriage of convenience, but demands that the groom move to another continent. What happens when a brush with death causes him to rethink the agreement?

"The Once and Future Duchess" by Sophia Nash is, according to the publicist, "a Regency-era version of the hit film 'The Hangover.' the series follows the royal entourage after a night of unheralded extravagance and very fuzzy moments." This is the fourth book in the series, but it certainly stands on its own if you haven't read the others. A duke and a duchess (in her own right) come to terms in this clever romance. The first sentence is a grabber: "There comes a time in a lady's life when she must lace up her stiffest corset and face what she fears above all else."

'Lady Windermere's Lover" by Miranda Neville is another kind of marriage of convenience story with Damian, the Earl of Windermere, who married Lady Cynthia after he drunkenly gambled away his family's estate. He hid out for a year after the marriage, but his ego is damaged when he hears that she's taken a lover. He returns to see what's up with his wife, but he isn't going to be allowed to just take his place as Cynthia's husband.

Gayle Callen began "The Brides of Redemption" series because she wanted to weave together characters from different books but still make them each stand alone books for first-time readers. "Redemption of the Duke" is the third book in the trilogy, but can be read alone. It's about Adam Chamberlin, who never expected to be a duke, and Faith Cooper, whose life changed drastically when her brother was killed. He feels guilt over her brother's death and wants to help her. She rebuffs his offers, but he is determined to help her whether or not she wants it. Will Faith accept his offer of employment? Will Adam be able to overcome society's prejudice toward him and win the lady? Of course. But the fun is in the reading about it.

"Vixen in Velvet" by Loretta Chase is another third-in-the-trilogy books. Chase created a series of books about the Noirot sisters, talented dressmakers in England. In this book, Leonie runs the business Maison Noirot and is too busy trying to turn Lady Gladys from a dowdy dour debutante into a swan. Simon Blair, Marquess of Lisburne, is determined to seduce Leonie. She is determined to ignore him. The outcome is not open to question.

"To Marry a Scottish Laird" by Lynsay Sands is the young-peasant-boy-is-really-a-girl plot. Campbell Sinclair lost his wife and child when both died during childbirth. He is not looking for a replacement. On his return home from fighting, he saves a young boy who was being attacked by bandits. He is hurt and the boy is able to heal him. Of course, he discovers that he is a she, and the romance is on. Joan, however, has her own mission -- a promise made to her mother to deliver a scroll. What will happen when the scroll is delivered?

All seven historical romances are sure to please readers looking for a love-ly read. Filled with passion, with humor, and with history, these are romances that will set the heart racing.


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