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Summer hike today: You are my sunshine

Sunny days
Sunny days
James George

It is still summer until September 22, 2014. I was a little faked out today. The overcast skies this morning made me think that it was going to be a cool day, but by the time I took the trail the sunshine was hot with a little welcomed breeze. That breeze came to a dead halt by the time I had hiked from Ballston to Bon Air Park. That stretch is all down hill and is normally the easy part.

You are my sunshine
James George

At this stage in late summer, things are drying up. There are nuts falling from trees. The leaves aren’t turning yet, but the trees are stressed for water. There are flowers in bloom. Sometimes people do a second or late planting and that is showing now, especially zinnias and daisies and Jerusalem artichokes.

I can’t identify many plants as I am not knowledgable, but I enjoy their delicate nature of fine contrasts against broad leaves.

Walking by the swimming pool, barely anyone was there.

Thanks to reminders from the Ballston Pond Blog, I keep an eye on the condition of streams and have taken up a mini-hobby of photographing storm drains. I look for two things, to where the water is flowing and the construction of the sewage feature.

There is some very old sewer works in use in Arlington County which is a credit to original designers and engineers as well as to county government frugality.

The trails are active with bicyclists. That seems to be picking up do to initiatives like BikeArlington. The trails are showing much more courtesy, even with increased use.


"On your left"

"Thank you."

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